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    Multi-platform Compatibility- a More Convenient Choice for You.

    Upgrade from BenQ IFP RP550+, RP551+ is now released with new features of multi-platform support and 6-points touch control. Moreover, the eye-care design, user-friendly interface, and MDA system make learning more enjoyable and effective than ever.


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    • RP790

      BenQ’s RP790 79” 4K interactive flat panel helps you make the smoothest transition from traditional instruction to interactive learning with 55 PPI for the best viewing distance, touch driver-free design, 10-point multi-touch support, total eye-care solution, and many more features.

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    • RP702

      BenQ’s 70” RP702 interactive flat panel is designed to bring the best interactive learning experience into today’s classroom, offering total eye-care solution, 10-point multi-touch design, multi-platform compatibility and many other thoughtful features that make interactivity easy and intuitive.

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    • RP652

      Plug and play with a simple touch! BenQ’s 65” RP652 interactive flat panel is your top choice for upmost convenience and functionality in class, offering total eye-care solution, intuitive 10-point multi-touch design, multi-platform compatibility and a wide range of thoughtful features.

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